Clogged Drain Repair Service in Springfield, MO


Clogged Drains Are A Pain

But do I really need a plumber?

Nothing is worse than taking a shower, only to find yourself in 4-inches of dirty water from a clogged drain. Or opening the drain on the kitchen or bathroom sink and nothing happens. Nothing except di!!Y, standing water. You can stare it down, curse at it or threaten, but it just sits there looking back.

The good news is, there are things you can do to prevent clogged drains.

  • Screens help catch hair in bathtubs and sinks before it becomes a mile-long strand of snake hair blocking your drain
  • Remember that your sink will become a grease trap if you pour grease down the drain
  • Beware what you put down your garbage disposal-greasy foods, used coffee grounds, bones and other dense items can clog them up
  • Watch the water pattern as it drains from a sink or bathtub, you should see a healthy whirlpool of circling water which indicates an open drain

“I did my best and the drain’s clogged anyway, time to call Farr Better Plumbing?” Not right away if you have a plunger handy, you can try gently pushing the offending clog to freedom using air pressure.

It’s not a good idea to use chemical solvents for a couple of reasons. One, they may cause pipe corrosion over time. And two, if they don’t work and you do have to call the plumber, they can cause caustic burns to the skin.

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