The Foundation Of New Construction

Plumbing is one of the most important infrastructure components.

Commercial Plumbing For New Construction

We work with contractors, project engineers and architects to create custom plumbing solutions for commercial projects. While many buildings have similar characteristics, each has its unique challenges that must be addressed.

Plumbing isn’t something at the forefront of a customer’s expectations when it comes to a commercial building-until something goes wrong. Farr Better works behind the scenes to ensure water and sewer lines connect properly without backflow; faucets and toilets operate efficiently with the latest water-saving technology; and drains… well, drain.

These details are the unsung heroes of commercial facilities. Farr Better does it right the first time so each building is ready to roll once the ribbon cutting is over. We handle all sizes of commercial construction projects from small businesses to major building complexes.

    • Education from K-12 to colleges and universities
    • Offices and office complexes
    • Healthcare facilities from clinics to hospital campuses
    • Residential care, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities
    • Retail grocers
    • Restaurants, sports bars, coffee shops and convenience stores
    • Public/Municipal buildings and complexes

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