Home Toilet Repair Service in Springfield, MO

Keeping The Throne In Tip-Top Shape

Protecting the most important seat in your home.

Every home has one, two or even three thrones and we want to ensure they are working when you need them. You may be losing money from faulty toilet seals or flushing mechanisms that need to be replaced. Toilets left unrepaired can lead to floor damage or mold growth. And then you’ll wish you were only dealing with the plumber.

Proactive Maintenance

Be proactive when it comes to repairing your toilet.

  • Listen for continued water flow after the flush cycle is complete.
  • Watch around the base for water leaks, condensation and/or rust.
  • Pay attention to fowl smells when there’s no reason for them.
  • If there’s an active, ongoing leak, shut off the water valve before giving us a call.
  • When you’re constantly dealing with buildup in the toilet bowl, even with regular cleaning, it could be time for a replacement.
  • If your water bill has increased unexpectedly, it could be a leaky toilet.
  • Farr Better Plumbing handles it all when it comes to fixing a leaky toilet or replacement if that’s necessary.

If you have an emergency, we will be there any time day, night, weekends, and holidays.

We approach each project on a per needs basis and we price our services with what is required.

We operate like a family business. We treat our customers like we wish to be treated, and want them returning to us for their plumbing needs in every phase of life