Residential Sewer Line Repair and Installation in Springfield, MO


Water, Water Everywhere

It’s an APB when the entire system backs up.

Over time, main sewer lines can corrode or experience blockage from seeming harmless things¬≠ like trees or rather, tree roots. If you have a leaky sewer line, tree roots are actually drawn to surround it. Trees don’t discriminate, moisture is moisture. But they can clog your main sewer lines, as can debris that’s gathered further down the line.

When your main sewer lines back up, it’s rather hard to miss. You’ll notice drains being sluggish and eventually backing up in multiple places: standing water in the shower, rising from a floor drain in the basement or backing up in multiple sinks at once.

Note: a plunger will not help you with this one. Clogs in the sewer line require special equipment. Farr Better Plumbing has the tools to assess where blockage is happening and remove the offending materials for an “all clear.” We can also assess whether serious corrosion exists along the main line that may require replacement of specific parts.

No matter the cause or solution required, Farr Better is there to help 24/7.

For a clogged sewer line, call (417) 864-8703. We’ll dispatch a service professional in short order.

If you have an emergency, we will be there any time day, night, weekends, and holidays.

We approach each project on a per needs basis and we price our services with what is required.

We operate like a family business. We treat our customers like we wish to be treated, and want them returning to us for their plumbing needs in every phase of life