Septic Installation, Repair & Cleaning in Springfield, MO


No Sewer? No Problem

Septic tanks are a reliable solution when you’re outside municipal service

Not everyone has issues with a sewer. For those outside city and/or county boundaries, the solution for dealing with waste water is often a septic tank. These underground wonders come in a variety of dimensions, determined by the size of your home and the volume of water you’re using on a daily basis.

The professionals at Farr Better have years of experience recommending and installing septic systems that will meet your waste-water needs over time. From excavation to installation and ongoing service, we handle every detail.

Because septic tanks are collection vessels, they have to be maintained and pumped regularly to avoid embarrassing and costly backups. This regular maintenance removes solids that build up at the bottom and top of your tank, in addition to waste water-solids that can corrode over time.

Remember, just because a septic tank is out of sight, it shouldn’t be out of mind. They don’t like being ignored and will makes themselves known if you do. Just as a clogged sewer can back up every drain in your home, so can a septic tank that’s not regularly serviced.

There will be signs that the septic’s acting up. Slowly draining water, foul odors near the tank or coming from your drains, and water pooling around the tank. Another sign is a lush tropical lawn growing right over the spot where your tank is located. Think about it for a minute-makes total sense.

If you need a septic assessment and installation, regular maintenance or have an emergency issue, Farr Better Plumbing is there to help. Call (417) 864-8703 to have a service technician dispatched.

If you have an emergency, we will be there any time day, night, weekends, and holidays.

We approach each project on a per needs basis and we price our services with what is required.

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