Commercial Plumbing Repair in Springfield, MO

Repairs That Don’t Interrupt Business

We do our best to make repairs quickly, efficiently and safely.

Commercial Plumbing Repairs

We handle all aspects of diagnostics and ongoing maintenance for new construction once it’s complete. We also provide critical services to existing commercial facilities. Customers and employees don’t think about plumbing until there’s a problem. They simply expect it to work and for building owners, it needs to work efficiently to maximize savings.

There are a variety of diagnostic and repair services offered by the commercial experts at Farr Better.

    • Water and sewer line diagnostics and repair
    • Faucet, drain, toilet, sink and line upgrades for enhanced performance
    • Overall plumbing system maintenance and cleaning
    • Repair of leaking faucets, water and sewer lines, toilets and showers
    • Removing clogs from all points along the drainage and sewer-line ecosystem

If you have an emergency need, or want to speak with our commercial facility experts regarding ongoing diagnostic assessment or routine maintenance and repair, call (417) 864- 8703.